Preparing for the future of Public Safety: Think Cloud

May 25, 2021
May 25, 2021/Blog

Preparing for the future of Public Safety: Think Cloud


As leaders prepare their agencies to meet the growing demands on public safety, more agencies are leveraging Cloud technology to become more agile, proactive and efficient.

For years agencies have made-do with older systems for their CAD and RMS, dealing with disconnected programs, delays in information sharing, redundant data entry, and high setup and maintenance costs.

Solution: ONE Single Cloud Platform

True efficiency and streamlined operations are possible when agencies use a single platform that can handle all departments using simplified Cloud technology.

Below are some key advantages of Cloud:

1. Real-time Data Sharing
With Cloud-based systems, first responders have immediate access to the intel needed to prevent, respond to, manage, and analyze situations in real-time. With platforms like 365™, data entered into one app – like RMS, for example – is immediately shared across CAD, JMS, etc.  Data can be securely accessed from phones, PCs, or MDTs. True Cloud platforms can also be used when offline or out of network range.

2. Better data security
Cloud based systems offer better data security measures than non-cloud-based systems and decrease the risk of cyber-attacks. Cloud platforms adhere to strict FBI-CJIS requirements for their physical servers, networks, and employee security and have world-class security experts to manage these systems.

3. Rapid deployment

Faster, smoother implementations are another benefit of Cloud. Cloud Systems can be implemented in weeks rather than the months or years it often takes to roll-out other software.

4. Reduce operational costs

There are significantly higher costs associated with CAD/RMS/etc. systems that are not cloud based. The initial setup alone for these systems can cost around $800,000 for a small agency of 50 officers. Even the annual support and maintenance contract for this kind of setup will cost around $100,000. It’s an unnecessarily huge investment for technology that is typically outdated in 2-5 years.

Cloud based systems are more affordable with little to no upfront investment required. Agencies opting for cloud-based systems also get the latest updates and better data security at no extra cost.

Ready to start leveraging the power of Cloud?

365™ is the end-to-end Cloud platform for Law Enforcement Agencies. It brings together cloud and smart devices with the power of AI to simplify reporting, protect officers, and help prevent & solve crime. Plus, the software uses common sense so that no data ever has to be entered twice, not even passwords.

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